Vers L'Infini et Au-Dela par Mathieu Cesar

September 19, 2019

Vers L'Infini et Au-Dela par Mathieu Cesar
Titre de livre : Vers L'Infini et Au-Dela
Auteur : Mathieu Cesar
ISBN : 2371920010

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Just 27 years old, Mathieu César has already found his aesthetic footing in timeless black and white and established himself in the cultural sphere. Published by LO/A Edition, Vers l'infini et au delà is the first book by the photographer, diving into a distinctive world with illusory scenes. In Vers l'infini et au delà, Mathieu César leads us on a trip through an expanding world,the world of a photographer plotting his imagination and his visions before our eyes. A world marked by childhood and his capacity for the invention of fantastic spaces and figures. A world populated by women and men who, through his perspective, ascend to the rank of mythical heroes. Immortalized against beguiling scenes which fuse references to the past, present, and future, César's powerful, sensual women become timeless icons with a natural elegance. A warrior in metallic armour conjures an image of Joan of Arc as much as Metropolis' robot. Not surprising for the photographer, whose work underlines his passion for mechanics and movement (cars, planes and rockets...).