Jacques Majorelle par Felix Marcilhac

September 23, 2019

Jacques Majorelle par Felix Marcilhac
Titre de livre : Jacques Majorelle
Auteur : Felix Marcilhac
Date de sortie : December 31, 2017
ISBN : 2376660092
Éditeur : Norma Editions

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-The complete works of Jacques Majorelle, an orientalist painter of the 20th century -1050 works have been documented by Felix and Amelie Marcilhac -With paintings inspired by scenes from Sudan, Guinea, Cote d'Ivoire and Morocco, this book collects Majorelle's fascinating (and occasionally exoticising) depictions of north-west African life Jacques Majorelle (1886-1962) is an emblematic figure of Orientalism. The son of the cabinet-maker Louis Majorelle, he trained at the Ecole nationale des Beaux-arts appliques of Nancy then in Paris, at the Academie Julian. Majorelle traveled through Spain, Egypt and Italy, starting from 1908. In 1917 he moved to Morocco. There, he developed a singular chromatic language which gave him a place divested of all influences among his contemporaries. Landscapes, bazaar scenes, and portraits, he based his art around the city of Marrakech where he lived, as well as across the rest of Morocco. He gathered inspiration from his many trips to Sudan, Guinea and Cote d'Ivoire, amassing a considerable oeuvre of over 1,000 works in which light, colour and a certain viewpoint on exoticism played a decisive role.