All the small things 

Minimalism isn’t a one-and-done decision and sometimes it’s not easy to continue on the minimalist path.

We have thrown out, sold, and donated probably two-thirds of our things and we still have loads more to do. But it’s not the big, statement purges that I want to address today: it’s the small declutters.

The picture above is a plastic tub of all the ‘things’ that were left lying around as I walked from our bedroom down to the kitchen.

They include about 10 pens, cycling shoes, assorted magazine, random bits of paper (bills, notes, half-used notepads) and an over-sized fancy dress Pinocchio head. Random, I know.

It’s the fact that I could pick up all this stuff in less than five minutes makes me realise that 1) we’re quite messy but 2) minimalism is about staying on top of all the small things that creep into your life and clog it up.

If I look over at the kitchen table I see a pile of letters, some DVDs that need to go the charity shop and 2 credit cards that haven’t been put away.

While I’m trying hard with the big purges and discarding things that I don’t think add value to my life, I’m forgetting about all the small things that add up. And strangely I think it’s these small things that bother me more.

The larger items I know I can get rid of easily by taking, for example, a big bag of clothes to the charity shop and I know that space won’t become messy again because I won’t be buying anymore clothes. Job done.

But when it comes the bits of paper and the pens I pick up at work, or lists I have to make to remind me to do stuff, or bit of cycling paraphernalia we need to remember to take on a bike ride, I feel a bit overwhelmed.

Silly isn’t it, to think that a bit of clutter can make me feel annoyed and, frankly, so disorganised.

Minimalism is definitely a work in progress and I must try harder to keep those small things at bay, and not let them creep into my life. Right, now I’m off to clear up the kitchen table.


3 thoughts on “All the small things 

  1. It is definitely a lifestyle change and not just once and done. I continue to purge, everytime I go through my things I find something that I could have gotten rid of the previous time, but didn’t. Things tend to pile up quickly, especially the little stuff 🙂 All I can say is keep going! Don’t give up lol


  2. Good points about the “little things” that add up. I started the minimalist lifestyle about 7 months ago, and cleaning out all of our ‘stuff’ felt GREAT! I also feel better about shopping, because I know I’m purchasing items we need and not aimlessly collecting clutter.
    The tough part for me has been donating gifts we’ve received. I feel a little guilty, but we don’t need the item and we won’t use it. Every time I look at the item I feel guilt! So off it goes, and I hope the distant relative who sent it doesn’t notice!
    – Kate


    1. Hi Kate, I know exactly what you mean. People are so offended if you say you don’t want anything for birthday or Christmas! It’s difficult for people to get their heads round the idea that you don’t need it not that it’s a rejection of them. So glad you’re feeling good after a clear out. I’m looking forward to doing another purge soon! M


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