My declutter nemesis 

  I’ve written before about the creep of ‘small things’ coming into the house and sabotaging my minimalist intentions and there is one thing that is a constant cluttered nightmare: my rucksack.

Both Frank and I cycle pretty much everywhere and I carry my trusty waterproof rucksack from The North Face. It’s massive and I can always find no end of things to carry around in it, and it’s because of this it has become my declutter nemesis. 

How do I accumulate so much stuff in there? At the moment I have: 

· An extremely large folder with a new work project 

· A notepad for work 

· My moleskin for work

 · An old magazine 

· 6 pens (3 of which are exactly the same?!) 

· 4 random pieces of paper with ‘to-do’ and ‘remember’ notes written on them 

· A credit card I thought I’d lost (oops) 

· A bike lock 

· A bike cable 

· A gym pass 

· 2 moisturisers 

· Mini pot of coconut oil (my beauty saviour) 

· A deodorant 

· Cycling glasses 

· Front light for my bike 

· Bike pump 

· Multi-tool for my bike 

· Spare inner tube 

· Purse 

· Cycling jacket 

And that’s before I factor in the food I bring in for lunch every day and the spare set of clothes I have to bring to change into! 

So you can see that when I say we’re aspiring minimalists, I really mean it. We’re not there yet. 

The fact that I’m still lugging around so much stuff just on my daily commute shows there is a lot more work to do in stripping back. 

First, I think I need to group all my bike tools and paraphernalia into a little ziplock back to make sure all the bits and pieces aren’t floating around in my bag. 

But the real challenge will be getting rid of the forest-worth of paper that I carry around ‘just in case’ I need it for work. 


3 thoughts on “My declutter nemesis 

  1. It is all about the little steps, I had the same problem with my purse recently 🙂 I have found that since I switched to a smaller purse it forces me to declutter it each night instead of letting things pile up.


  2. Haha! I’m so happy that our bags look the same! Pens and papers ALWAYS CREEP INTO MY BAG! It must be because we are writers. 🙂 Loved this post! It made me smile and inspired me to clean my little buggerbag!


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