Attacking the ‘stuff’ pile

I thought I did a pretty thorough job of decluttering and purging our items when we first decided to embark on our minimalist journey.

We had hundreds of books, the same in CDs and DVDs, about 50 pairs of shoes between us, bulging wardrobes full of stuff we didn’t wear anymore. There were knick-knacks galore, sets of china, a ridiculous amount of picture frames, enough furniture to kit out a small B&B and other accumulated miscellany.

After a number of hours meticulously going through the boxes that we took out of our storage we managed to donate, give away and sell, I’d estimate, 70% of our stuff.

The 30% that remained I’d assumed was what we ‘needed’ to keep not ‘wanted’ to keep – I was pretty pleased with our efforts. How could we get rid of anymore?

The answer is: quite easily.

The first proper declutter at the end of last year had still left us with a huge pile of stuff (pictured above).
So I decided to attack the pile again yesterday and it’s surprising how a few months can quickly turn ‘needed’ items into ‘why the hell have I kept this’ items.

This time we’ve probably cleared 20% of the items we were holding onto and I already feel much freer.

This is a picture of the stuff we’ve got rid of: stuff to sell is in the plastic bucket, the middle pile is to donate or give away to people who will appreciate the things, and on the left is rubbish.

It’s amazing what an hour’s worth of decluttering can do.This is the space after we decluttered (and had a little tidy up!)

*excuse the bright lights, I took this picture at midnight!

The stuff in these boxes is still mainly books, picture frames and a few old records plus an antique clock given to us by my dad. When we finally get some shelves up we’ll be able to put these things away but not before I go through them again and make sure we want to keep them all.

It’s given me a real incentive to go through other parts of the house we have already decluttered because I think there are lots of areas where we can reduce further, even if at the time we thought we’d reduced as much as we could.

At some point in the future (a dreamlike world where our house is actually finished!) I’ll be brave enough to photograph all the items we own in the rooms they reside – it may help me realise we can get rid of far more.

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