Our minimalism has gone awry

   We made, what I think, was a bit of a mistake this week: buying a bed from eBay on a whim.   We do need the bed for the guest room so the fact we bought something when we are aiming to get rid of stuff and declutter isn’t the problem.   My problem with it is that the bed is horrible (although I’m the only one that thinks that – Frank likes it).   The buying of the ‘bargain’ bed, which was a spur of the moment purchase (because it was ending on eBay), represents everything we’re trying to get away from; senseless buying, not thinking before handing over the credit card details, and the mad rush to consume.   It wasn’t until the hulking great thing was delivered (part of it shown in the picture) that I realised what we’d done. The thoughtlessness behind the purchase has really got to me.   We are aiming to be better by thinking more carefully and consuming less, but this week has been a bump on the road to the minimalist lifestyle.   I think I’ve realised that even though we have identified the path we want to be on we still have the hangover of poor purchasing habits to contend with.   Hopefully the readers of this blog will help keep us on the straight and narrow as we navigate this new road.   M

6 thoughts on “Our minimalism has gone awry

  1. It’s OK. We all end up making mistakes like this. At this point you have two choices. 1. Try to resell it, or 2. Learn to love it. Being that it is for your guest bedroom it may turn out to become something that will bring a certain charm to your home and soon become not such a mistake at all.

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  2. Just found your blog via the Just a Little Less blog, and you are in pretty much the situation as me: a bigger house than we need and way too much stuff. Our stuff has accumulated to fill the extra space, and it’s not a good feeling. I’ll be following your efforts and hopefully comparing notes. Good luck!


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