What minimalists pack for a mini break

We’re off to Amsterdam to celebrate our second wedding anniversary. 

We’re away for just two nights – leaving Saturday morning and returning Monday night; the perfect amount of time to practice our minimalist holiday packing. 

We plan on having a nice meal out so need half decent clothes to wear as well as clothes for the day time when we’ll mostly be sightseeing by bike.

So, for anyone who’s interested in what a minimalist packs for a weekend away, here’s a run down on what I’m bringing/ wearing on the plane (it has to last me Saturday, Sunday and Monday):

* Jeans

* Belt

* Light grey jumper

* Long sleeve cotton t-shirt

* Short sleeve cotton t-shirt

* Cotton vest

* Vest for evening

* Black suit jacket

* Handbag

* Sunglasses

* Heeled sandals

* Flat sandals 

* Toiletries

I’ll obviously bring underwear too but I don’t think anyone will want to see that! 

I don’t think I’ve done too badly in choosing things that can work together and are interchangeable depending on weather and where we go.  

As for Frank, here’s what he’s taking:

* 2 Jeans

* Shorts

* Long sleeve shirt

* Short sleeve shirt

* Long sleeve t-shirt

* 2 Short sleeve t-shirt

* Sweatshirt

* Sunglasses

* Smart shoes

* Trainers

Of course, there are also phone chargers and passports to consider, we don’t want to forget those.

I’m pretty happy with the amount of clothes we’re (not) taking, we’ll let you know next week whether it was enough! 

8 thoughts on “What minimalists pack for a mini break

  1. We did 11 days in Japan with only carry on. I think once you get into the mindset it’s pretty easy. Especially if you are somewhere you can do a hand wash mid way through a longer trip. I’d never travel with checked luggage again!

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      1. I loved Japan. My tip – assuming you are staying in hotels, business hotels or ryokan they will provide all your toiletries (except deoderant and make up, but including at least a basic comb/brush) and yukata/pajamas so you don’t need to pack any of those things.

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