Minimalist travelling – it worked!

I’ll admit I was a bit nervous about the tiny amount of stuff I packed for our weekend away, after all I’m used to bringing everything but the kitchen sink when travelling, but I shouldn’t have been.

I’m pretty pleased with myself that I used every single thing I brought with me and didn’t at any point wish I’d packed more or have more choice on stuff to wear.

There are always plenty of articles telling us how to buy the perfect capsule wardrobe but they usually focus on buying the ‘must have’ items that are in style in the current season and making a new ‘capsule’ every spring/summer and autumn/winter.

What I’m trying to achieve is a capsule wardrobe that will last me throughout the whole year. I’m still in the process of editing down my wardrobe and have concentrated on the basics; for example I have three long-sleeve t-shirts, three short-sleeve and three vests, one of each in black, white and grey.

This might sound a bit boring but I’ve found sticking to a neutral colour palette means I actually have more options because everything in my wardrobe is complementary. There were many times in the past, when looking at my extensive wardrobe, that I moaned I had nothing to wear when the real problem was that nothing matched anything else because I’d been mindlessly buying pieces rather than thinking about what I needed.

Now, I’m trying to make my wardrobe work for me and although I’m not quite there yet I do plan on doing a little inventory of the pieces I have left soon.

The real test will be whether I can edit down but still have enough clothes to work for the changeable British weather (a wardrobe that covers both the three days of summer we get each year, the three days of snow and the rain that we get a fair amount of!)

Come back soon for picture of my (hopefully) minimalist, capsule wardrobe.


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