Minimal beauty: paring back  the products

How many beauty products do you have? 

How many of them are half used?
How many of them do you actually use?

I wish I had a photo of the bathroom drawers in our old house. We had a chest of drawers that I used as a dressing table. It had three large drawers, all of which were filled to the brim with toiletries of every description.

Face masks, perfume samples ripped out of magazines, an infinite number of mini shower gel bottles collected from hotels, enough hair serums to keep a salon in business – and that was just the over-filled drawers. The top of the dresser was awash with perfumes I didn’t use, body lotions, miracle creams, balms and tonics. 

There was an obscene amount of stuff but I never used any of it, mostly because I was scared it would all run out and I wouldn’t have the security of it anymore. Although I didn’t realise the products were a security blanket at the time I now see how ridiculous that way of thinking is. 

Because I was so attached to it all, when we moved I duly boxed it all up (2 huge boxes) and lugged it to the new house, then I lugged it to storage, and then after about a year I lugged it back to the new house. And then, I threw most of it out and gave the rest to people who would actually use it. 

All of a sudden it seemed silly to be bringing hair straightening cream and heat-proofing hair serum into the new house when I’d cut my hair short about two years previously. I had no use for the products anymore.

My beauty regime has been given the minimalist treatment and I now have a fraction of the products that I owned before but the difference is I use all of them.

As part of the cull of the number of beauty products I also decided to focus on using more natural products that don’t contain scary chemicals and things I can’t pronounce (as a general rule, if I can’t say a word then I try not to put it in or on my body!).

And this is what I’m left with 

* Dr Bronner’s cleansing soap which I use as a body and face wash as well as shampoo

* Dr Organic rose water toner 

* Coconut oil which I use as a moisturiser, make-up remover, hair conditioner and serum, and even as a mouthwash.

I also have a natural rose perfume from a great brand called Le Labo which shuns chemicals (oh, and I use deodorant and brush my teeth which I’m sure everyone I work with is happy about!)

As for make-up I only use it for special occasion/ going out and then it’s a primer, a light powder, highlighter, mascara, eye brow filler, and a slick of red lipstick.

It’s amazing when I think about how minimalism is transferring into every part of my life. By thinking about the things I buy I have made a decision to shop more consciously, instead of buying the shampoo that’s on a deal, I buy one that’s probably a bit more expensive but is more natural.

We can’t stop consuming altogether, body wash will run out eventually even if you buy a litre of it like I do, but we can be much more careful consumers.


9 thoughts on “Minimal beauty: paring back  the products

  1. I found beauty products to be one of the most difficult areas in my home to cut back on. Not because we used so much everyday, but rather that there was so much we bought just to try, and I had an issue throwing away mostly full containers. I saw it as a waste, but these days I just see it as clutter. Now I am thankful for the extra space in the bathroom and the extra time I have in the morning!

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  2. I was never one for using a lot of products in the first place. I only user makeup for special occations, only used moisturiser on my face, shampoo, deoderant and the occational junk in my hair and perfume and such. Now I’ve moved away from all comercial stuff and use oil for body, oil for face (i mix them myself), oil as deoderant or a LUSH deoderant I trying out. I use no shampoo or one I have made myself with dr. Bronners. Like u my cabinet shows sign of minimal beuty stuff, even though I’ve still kept a little makeup for that once or twice a year 😉 Even though I never used much stuff before, I still HAD much stuff, and my new and improved, is soo freeing 🙂

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  3. Great post! I’ve really parred down my beauty routine over the past few years. Now I know what products work for me, and I can resist the urge to try new things (well, 99% of the time). It was hard for me to get rid of my old make-up. I only wear things like eye shadow for special occasions now, but I had a whole bag full of eye shadows. I finally threw it all out because it was so old and I’m sure well past it’s best-by date (make-up does have a shelf life due to bacteria growth).

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