The easy capsule wardrobe

There have been an awful lot of articles written about ‘capsule wardrobes’ recently.

A lot of it has been written by fashion websites imploring you to buy a few choice items that are interchangeable and can be grouped to create an outfit for every occasion.On the face of it, this sounds like something minimalists should love. 

Whittle down your belongings, check. Only keep what you need, check. Make sure everything you own serves a purpose, check.

But it doesn’t sit right with me.

The main reason is that the promotion of the capsule wardrobe seems to hang on purchasing certain items, whether that be a black shift dress or a denim jacket. 

It’s telling you that if you want to be part of the capsule wardrobe gang and get it right you need to own certain items.

But I’ve worked out that you can ignore all of this advice on what to buy next and still achieve a capsule wardrobe. In order to do this, you’ll need a wardrobe full of clothes, and I’m assuming you don’t walk around naked all day so you’ll probably have this already.

1. Open your wardrobe

2. Pick out all the clothes you actually wear and feel good in

3. Throw out, give away or sell the stuff that’s left

4. Sit back. You have your capsule wardrobe

Most of us don’t need to go out and buy clothes to fit a capsule wardrobe aesthetic. If you think about it you probably already have go-to outfits that you feel good in, that you wear in rotation.

You don’t need to spend a penny to achieve a capsule wardrobe, you already own it.


10 thoughts on “The easy capsule wardrobe

  1. I totally agree! The only new things I bought for my capsule wardrobe were new pants (totally different shape post partum) and a new pink top (i can breastfeed in to replace the one i definitely can’t). Most everything else in my wardrobe is over 5 years old. If it still fits and isn’t worn out run with it I think.

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  2. I took part in Project 333, if nothing else it made me sit up and realise that I didn’t need half, or more than half the stuff in my wardrobe.

    I’m still on a minimising streak, but not rushing through it because we got rid of all the real excess a couple of years ago before our house move, now it’s a careful consideration of things that we have but don’t use and a sensible jettisoning of things that we don’t feel we will need in the near future.

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    1. Hi Sue, thanks for commenting. I’m still whittling down my wardrobe but trying not to rush too much. Great that you’ve managed to get yours down to just what you need already. Minimalism is definitely a marathon and not a sprint! M


  3. Music to my ears! I’m tired of reading essentials as being ‘little black dress, earrings and jean’s. I don’t wear any of them so no thank you! I even wrote a post about getting rid of my beloved black dress. I also don’t like the idea that you should only wear 8 colours (2 base, 3 accent and 3 pop). Not going to happen. I need to go through my wardrobe again but similarly to fibot101 my purchases in the last year have all been feeding related.

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  4. I think you have totally hit this on the head! I think there is a certain divide now between actual minimalists and those trying a new way to find their own style. I know the blog unfancy is huge and I have always questioned this idea of having a vast amount of clothes in storage for what could be years at a time! But I think for that blog it can only work as a money making blog if it offers up new clothes and styling ideas on the regular. Whilst for some other bloggers I think it is a case of still wanting to shop and enjoy a large wardrobe of clothes but to learn what pieces they absolutely won’t wear! I certainly hope that over time the concept might change and adapt to its more honest purpose. Great thoughts! Jess x

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    1. Definitely Jess. That’s the thing with minimalism, there isn’t anything to market or sell. I think you have to be honest about your wardrobe, there were so many things I kept because I thought I might wear them not because I did – I was owning them for the sale of owning them! Thanks for stopping by.

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