I’ve done something stupid

I’ve done something really stupid. I left our camera in the departure lounge of the airport and when I went back for it, it was gone. 
I’m writing this on the plane as you can see by the picture. 

I’m really annoyed with myself. Firstly, because it’s a stupid thing to do but secondly, and most importantly, because it had all our honeymoon pictures on it. 

Frank says he’s 95% sure he uploaded the pictures on to our hard drive but I’m still panicking that they’re gone forever. 

It has made me realise that photos are important to me. Frank tried to calm me down by showing me how many pictures he had of our honeymoon on his phone (and he has a lot) and then I realised just how many things I do forgot!  

I wrote before about how a thing is not a memory but I understand now that my photographs are important to me as a reminder of the places we visited and the fun we had. Although 

I don’t need to keep a beer mat from a bar we went to in San Diego, I do want the images of that night. 

I’m not bothered about the camera, it was £100 and can be replaced but those photos can’t. 

As I’m getting rid of items, either through decluttering or by leaving them in airports, I’m realising there are a lot of things I don’t value but the things I do care about, I really care about. 

I’m writing this on the plane to Copenhagen and trying to be calm about the loss of the camera. I’m trying to be mindful not to let this annoying start to the weekend away ruin our trip. 

But when you know that someone is scrolling through your memories on your camera, it’s hard. 


10 thoughts on “I’ve done something stupid

  1. Yes, ask at the airport, but then also keep a look out on Facebook. Lots of photos are published on there from nice folks trying to re-unite ‘forgetful people’ with their cameras. As your camera is not an all singing, all dancing expensive model I’m sure you have more chance of getting it back.

    If you don’t , just copy the photos you still have from the phone and save them all to an external memory drive so you will know that you have them safe,

    I am just like you, there are things I give not a jot about …. lots of them, but the things I value, I REALLY value. But even saying that my Lovely Hubby is THE most accident-prone person on the planet and I have learnt that it really isn’t the end of the world when my favourite, absolutely irreplaceable glass or vase gets smashed to smithereens.

    Enjoy your break, and treat yourself to a new camera as a souvenir while you are away.

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    1. Thanks for the kind words Sue, much appreciated. I will keep you all updated on camera-gate! You’re right that it’s not the end of the world and I will definitely be more proactive in backing up pix in the future. I hope you’re having a nice weekend. M


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