Our dirty little secret 

Fellow minimalists, we have a confession to make. We have a dirty little secret lurking in the back of our house, undermining our minimalist aspirations. 

Actually the dirty little secret isn’t so little. 

Behold the room of junk:


 How embarrassing.

This is the room that is, as you can see, yet to be decorated and is home to the numerous paint pots, tools, odd bits of wood, ladders and everything else that’s needed for renovation. There’s even a bed hidden under all of that mess.

Just walking into this room makes me break out into a little sweat and I have been avoiding even going in for weeks because I can’t handle it. But I can’t put it off any longer, we need to get this house finished.

We spent the weekend working on the house. I cleaned the whole place and Frank started work on the very shabby front of the house.

It has renewed my excitement for the renovation after months of dreading starting again and I want to get that bedroom looking more like a bedroom and less like a builder’s yard.

By showing you our hidden junk room, it holds us to account. Hopefully you can all forgive our minimalist indiscretion and help us along as we try and declutter this nightmare of a room.


15 thoughts on “Our dirty little secret 

  1. Lol I am glad u showed us this, doesn’t make me so bad about my house! I’ve just started the decluttering process and feel like I’m getting nowhere!! We moved into our house 3 years ago, both came from our parents houses, I often ask myself how we managed to overfill a house when we once lived in 2 small bedrooms haha.. Thanks for the inspiration 🙂

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  2. Well as soon as you get the paint on the walls, it will be out of the tins which can then be thrown away, so your guilty little secret should not last for too much longer. And of course, now that we’ve all seen it we will come back on a weekly basis asking to see the ‘After’ pictures …. so no pressure then 😉

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