The minimalist birthday

I posted recently about how I didn’t want anything from my birthday and had to tell friends and family not to buy any gifts.
Do you think it worked? No. They ignored my request for no present, but my droning on about not needing random things that I won’t use has obviously filter into my loved ones’ psyche as every gift I got was either practical or something I needed. 

You can see from the pictures I received;

Lonely Planet travel guide to Japan for our upcoming trip – extremely practical. 

A woollen scarf – I lost mine and hadn’t yet replaced it. 

A flask – allows me to bring my own coffee to places instead of spending money. 

Lovely soap – which is chemical free, smells great and will be used. 

A candle – smells great and is being used. 

A ‘White Lies’ notebook – admittedly I have lots of notebooks but this is a nice, streamlined one that fits into my handbag. 

Another scarf – this is from Frank (the one person who I wasn’t expecting to get me a gift) but I love it and have already worn it.

It’s so lovely that my friends and family know me well enough that they’ve purchased gifts that they know I would love rather than stuff I don’t need.

And it’s also great to know that my slowly-slowly approach of introducing minimalism and consuming less is actually working. 


10 thoughts on “The minimalist birthday

  1. I’d say that that was a great result! 🙂 Now you just have to hope that Christmas goes as well…… 😉

    For Christmas I’m hoping for expensive smellies which I wouldn’t buy myself but love using and a glass mixing bowl for my Kitchenaid. I really can’t think of anything else which I want. I definitely don’t need either of those ideas – but they will be used and loved 🙂 Oooh – and some lovely new socks – I shall have to look for some ideas to give pointers!
    L x


    1. Hello Mrs G! I think you need to leave some post it notes around the house to let your family know! At least the things you want are practical and like you say, will be used and appreciated. I’m hoping Christmas will mean fewer gifts again! M


  2. I stated outright to my sister today that for Christmas I would like money towards the coat I was wearing 🙂 Cheeky I realise, but the family insist on presents so I decided to hold out for the perfect coat. I love it and it is perfect but, having found it, it seems daft to leave it unworn until Christmas when I don’t have another suitable coat.


  3. My best friend and her mum like to give very practical gifts like expensive olive oil or beautiful soap. It’s so nice, because having children I sometimes feel like i’m drowning in stuff. My sister-in-law is the opposite she gives gifts for the sake of it and I’ve pretty much given away everything she’s given us. She has a cupboard full of “stuff” she purchases just so she can always have a gift to give.

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