Travel: still too much luggage

Our recent holiday was another eye opener for us. 

This is a picture of the luggage we took for a two and a half week holiday. I didn’t think it was very much considering the size of some of the suitcases that others were lugging around. 

We thought we’d done pretty well when paring back our holiday wardrobes but guess what, we brought way too much stuff with us – probably twice as much as we actually needed. 

Not only did we bring too many of everything but we didn’t factor in that we were staying at a few AirBnB apartments along the way that have washing machines in them. We did a little clothes wash in Kyoto about five days into the trip and have basically re-worn the clothes we washed, leaving half of the stuff we packed untouched. Why I emptied the entire contents of my knicker drawer into the suitcase or brought 10 tops is anyone’s guess. 

Maybe it would be different if we didn’t have access to washing machines but I doubt it would be vastly different – I’d still be pulling around a suitcase of unworn clothes! 

Next time I’ll have to be even more considered when packing. At least that gives us another excuse for a holiday!


PS We’re not back from Japan yet – we’re currently stuck in Frankfurt trying to get back to London but the fog at Heathrow airport is meaning an extended holiday!

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