Airports: places of adventure, not shopping

It seems the gods don’t want our holiday to end; we were stuck at Frankfurt airport for a second night due to a cloud of fog making flights into London impossible. 

Last night was spent at a hotel and another day is being spent hanging around the airport waiting for our flight. Fingers crossed this time!

Hanging around airports for hours is really low on the list of things I like to do but being stuck with nothing better to do is an interesting opportunity for people watching. 

I don’t think I’d really registered how much airports have turned into shopping centres. Frankfurt airport even has a ‘shopping avenue’, pictured above. 

I’m sure airport shops do a good trade from people picking up items they’ve forgotten or last minute souvenirs but the people I’ve observed aren’t buying anything in particular – they’re just buying for the sake of it, because they’ve got time to kill. 

Airports are places of adventure; you’re either starting one, maybe by going on holiday, or ending one by coming home from holiday like us. What I can’t understand is why, if you were off on an exciting holiday, you would be looking at hair clips or scarves? Surely, you’d be reading about your destination or just thinking about all the exciting times you have to come, exploring another country. 

Do we really need so much stimulation all the time that we can stand to sit with our thoughts in an airport for a couple of hours and have to fill the time going shopping?

For me, airports are a necessary step for an adventure to start, not a place to buy rubbish I don’t need, even if it is tax free. 


2 thoughts on “Airports: places of adventure, not shopping

  1. I live in the States, but travel to Brighton a few times each year. I have seen women purchase American cosmetics at Heathrow duty free that are still less expensive to buy once they get home to America! Complete stupidity.

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