A day worse than Black Friday


I’ve avoided writing about Black Friday because I don’t want to add fuel to the consumerist bonfire that happens on this day, but I’ve just heard about something that’s possibly more disturbing.

China is currently celebrating Singles Day.

It is held on 11 November each year and is a chance for single people to treat themselves to gifts, and frankly the Chinese make Black Friday shoppers look like amateurs.

In the eight minutes before midnight before the 24-hour sale began, shoppers had already spend $1 billion e-commerce website Alibaba, a new record. And in fact it only took 12 hours to reach $9.3 billion of sales, which was the full day record for 2014.

It will be interesting to see how Black Friday compares and whether we will see increased purchases in the US and UK this year.

While some may see the increased number of people spending more as a sign of a healthy economy, I can’t help but feel it’s a sign of people succumbing to the marketing machine, filling their lives with things they don’t need instead of considering what’s really important to them, and possibly getting themselves into debt.  

Don’t get me wrong, I’ve fallen into the spending trap many times and sometimes still do, which is why it’s so frustrating for me to see it on such a widespread scale. People believing their lives will be better because of what they own instead of who they are, people trying to eke out happiness by burning a hole in their credit card, and buying into the myth that they can make themselves a better person through consuming.

How many of those purchases made in haste on Singles Day or Black Friday will be regretted when the credit card comes through? How many items of clothing will go unworn? And how many purchases must we make until we are finally happy?


PS Apologies for the double posting today but I read somethings that riled me up!


12 thoughts on “A day worse than Black Friday

  1. I have to agree with you, although I too am guilty of the odd impulse purchase. I have, however, strongly curbed some of my worst excesses in recent years and stay out of the shops for much of the time now. Online shopping, however is another story that I am definitely working on.

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  2. This is insane! I dread Black Friday every year. There is so much coverage on people’s spending and the attitude of the majority of people seems to change as they hunt for that elusive “deal of a lifetime”. I agree with you about the “marketing machine” taking over and unfortunately it’s bit me a time or two. I think being aware if our first line of defense.

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  3. I can’t stay far enough away on days like this. Everyone goes crazy over things they most likely don’t need, and the last place I want to be is in the midst of a bunch of “shopping frenzy” people! And a lot of the “sales” aren’t really all that much cheaper than normal days, when you really start to look into it. Nope! Me! I stay away from it all, only shop the things I need, when I need them… With the exception of eating out, THAT I do to much off. But at least that don’t fill my house, just my tummy 😉

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  4. Hi! I just came across the article in the Guardian, and was wondering if you will be keeping your readers up to date with how you’re managing to find free activities and events, and how you’re handling your year without spending overall. Thanks!

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