Beware! What is your TV show selling you?

 Catch-up has brought not only convenient TV into my life but, more importantly, it allows me to skip through all those annoying adverts urging me to buy rubbish I don’t need.

But it seems the advertisers have got increasingly wise to this as new technology now means advertisers can place products into your favourite programmes that are tailored to the audience of the programme.

Chinese company Youku, which is an online video and TV distribution company, has come up with the clever tech. According to a BBC report, it means that a programme can run in simultaneous countries but have adverts for different products depending on the country.

In the BBC slot looking at the technology, it shows the presenter taking a can of drink from the fridge and then the can being altered to become different brands, it moves from a Diet Coke can to Asian brands I don’t recognise.

It’s pretty clever stuff and obviously a reaction to the increased number of people using catch-up TV and blocking ads on their browser pages. But shouldn’t advertisers have learned a different lesson from the fact that people are blocking and skipping adverts: we are sick of being marketed too.

We are sick of being seen as cash cows, only good for splashing money on the newest fad, to be exploited by clever gimmicks in order to inflate the profits of companies.

I, for one, am sick of the infiltration of marketing messages in my life and now there is another bullet to dodge as adverts are beamed not just in the breaks between programmes but from the programmes themselves.



4 thoughts on “Beware! What is your TV show selling you?

  1. Exactly! There are way to many advertisements taking up my precious time. I understand that’s how stations make money. One way my mom taught me to avoid them was to do chores during my show so I could get things accomplished but also not be in the same room while they played.

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  2. I took a college course in mass communication and learned a lot about product placement in television shows. Now every time I watch TV, I notice it. It’s ridiculous and annoying. 😜 I assume it will get even worse since the rise of Netflix has allowed us to opt out of commercials.

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