No more stuff to go

The streamlining and purging of our possessions has been a long and drawn out process but I feel like we’re coming to the end.


In the hallway sits a bag and a box of donations for the charity shop and I have five remaining items listed on eBay to sell.


And that’s it.


There is little else to donate or sell, which is just as well as my PayPal account has been suspended because I’ve sold so much it’s questioning whether I’m a business!


I still have a memento box to go through but it shouldn’t take long and I have been thinking about scanning my non-digital photographs but seeing as these comprise just one box I don’t think it’s too big a job.


With the house renovation also coming to an end it means we will be able to get rid of DIY paraphernalia that has cluttered up the house for over two years– we have already found a home for the large ladder, which will go to our neighbour across the road.

What a strange to feeling that we do not have anything surplus to requirements in the house. The house is more streamlined and it has had the same positive impact on our lives. Now there are no barriers in the way, it is physically easier to get things done but also mentally easier because there is nothing stopping us. 

However, the real battle now is keeping the number of things in our home at this level, and not let the eternal creep of consumerism, paperwork, freebies and gifts back in.


Oh, and it also means that I’ll be able to share some pictures of our house and exactly what we’ve been working on over the past 18 months.



12 thoughts on “No more stuff to go

  1. I’ve not stopped by for a while, reflective of the mountain of stuff (both physical, social and vocational) that I’m drowning under. As always you continue to be an inspiration. I can’t wait to see photos – particularly of the room of shame (I can’t remember what you exactly called it ;-)).

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    1. Haha! Yes it was the room of shame. And shamefully we still haven’t decorated it! All in good time. You’ve reminded me that I need to get on with those pix of the house. That’s a project for Xmas when I’m around. Hope you’re not struggling to much at the mo with all the things you have to do. M

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