Minimalism: no room for negativity 

When we started minimising the items we had in our lives we were excited about the obvious benefits to the change in lifestyle – less things burdening you and cluttering up your space and allowing you to live the life that you want.
Recently though I’ve noticed a bigger by-product of removing this clutter; increased positivity and an improved state of mind. 

It makes sense when you stop and think about it and may seem obvious now; you minimise your possessions and spend more time doing the things you want therefore minimising your stress levels. I’ve given myself valuable breathing space. 

Less stress means you see things more rationally and can see the positive more easily.

There is another level to this though which wasn’t expected or hoped for. Instead of just decluttering my physical space I have decluttered my mental space.

Our heads get full of so many roadblocks, caused by squabbles or disputes with others or a long held perception we have of ourselves that it holds us back from a more fulfilled life.

Once you have fewer physical possessions you can see mental ones that also need removing. 

I have found that now I’m more accepting of others and have seen silly disputes or disagreements for what they are – silly. It has allowed me to open up a more positive side of myself to people that hasn’t been there for years which is an unexpected benefit of our new life.

I have time to be positive about all aspects of my life and see ways I can help others or understand their point of view much easier than ever before. 

As we know from the last year, once you clear your house you don’t want to fill it back up with rubbish. The same goes for our heads, once you have a positive view of the world you don’t want to add in clutter as it stops you seeing all the good things are around you. 


6 thoughts on “Minimalism: no room for negativity 

  1. Love this and I can certainly notice a clearer head and more positive mind the more I declutter (I’ve still a long way to go mind!)

    I have a question, did u both decide together to start decluttering and minimising your lives? My other half shows little interest and likes to keep ‘things’ just in case. I am continuing to pursue minimalism and hoping to lead by example. He is stressed out and not very happy with his job at the moment and this is leading to quite a negative mindset, I’m hoping he will realise soon the relationship between me getting rid of stuff and my (mostly) positive mindset.

    Thanks again for anther fab post 🙂


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    1. We both decided together to declutter our lives after having so much stuff in storage that we didn’t need. It clicked for us at the same point and the hidden benefits are showing now.
      It’s hard to convince others when they have a different mindset due to stress etc but the positivity you feel from it will filter through eventually and hopefully help your other half see the benefits of letting go of the ‘just in case’ mentality. F


    1. Hannah!! Hello. Lovely to see you over here. I will have a look at your blog. The stuff was too much for us too – we’re getting there with getting rid, at least I won’t be bringing anything in this year! M


  2. Finally a “minimalist” blog by a Londoner…I’ve been decluttering for 20 years. 2 years not spending and that included rent and bills…in the 90’s…and travelling around just with a suitcase for some years. But now I’m settled in London, with 2 kids and a full-time job…and living in London is expensive so any ideas are valuable. I live in 1 and half 🙂 bedroom flat so parents sleep in the living/play/game/sleeping room, teenager gets the room and younger one the box room (fits a small bed). Still £1300/month but in zone 2 near work/schools/museums/supermarket/free events/huge parks saving in transport and car expenses ( we all cycle). A 3 bedroom flat in the same area would be £2000/month min. so we are saving £700/month by downsizing.


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