Don’t let consumerism ruin Christmas 

Despite the high street rolling out Christmas decorations and music earlier each year, I’ve held off writing about the festive season until December.
I’ve not resisted writing about yuletide because I’m a ‘Bah Humbug!’ about it, quite the opposite; I absolutely love Christmas. I just don’t like what the high street wants to turn it into.

For me, Christmas is about being with loved ones, drinking and eating too much, watching Die Hard and Elf and falling asleep in the afternoon to the twinkle of Christmas tree lights. I love the Christmas Day walk in the park, where you pass children on their new bikes and people stop to wishing each other a Merry Christmas.

What a brilliant time of year.

It’s because of my love of Christmas that I despise the fact that cynical high street store roll out the tinsel and festive tunes early, imploring us to part with our cash as soon as Halloween decorations are packed up, making us think that we need two months of buying stuff in order to get into the Christmas spirit and not be caught in the mad Christmas Eve rush.

The commericalisation of Christmas makes me feel a bit sad. I don’t want any gifts – if I want something that badly I’ve probably already bought it for myself.

Of course, gift giving is a feel good moment, probably more so for the giver than the receiver, but if we were honest with ourselves we’d probably admit that the stuff we give (like the stuff we receive) isn’t actually wanted or needed.

The good news is that my spending challenge means I won’t be able to partake in the pre-Christmas shopping scrum. My family are fine with this and have agreed that they won’t expect anything from me and won’t give me anything either. In fact, they seemed relieved to have one less person to buy for.

I’m sure there are plenty of people out there who would be relieved to reduce the cost of their present, spend less time worrying about and buying gifts and more time with their families.

As for me, I won’t be out in the shops on Christmas Eve or any day before then.



8 thoughts on “Don’t let consumerism ruin Christmas 

  1. This is so true! I was purchasing some paper at Hobby Lobby( a large crafting store in the US) in October for a photo album of our trip to Egypt earlier in the Spring and Christmas decor was already on display. I actually caught myself gaping in disbelief! My husband and I still purchase gifts for our two boys (17 and 22), but keep it to “something they want, need, wear, and read”. We never buy gifts for each other, but will purchase flights from Colorado to Arizona to see family instead. I have refused to shop on Black Friday since day one and we enjoy Thanksgiving in November to the fullest. Christmas music is not allowed at home until December 1st either 🙂 Gift giving to friends /neighbors only includes homemade goodies! It feels so much more peaceful this way.

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    1. Your holiday season sounds lovely and I bet your buys really appreciate the gifts because they actually want them! I totally agree that Christmas starts too early – as far as I’m concerned it’s reserved for December only! I hope you have a lovely time in Arizona. The flights are money well spent. M

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  2. You mean they only start trying to get you to buy Christmas things after Halloween in England! By Mid-October the local shopping mall had it’s Christmas decorations up over here in NZ!!!!! I was not amused! I’ve actually spent more on the kids for Christmas this year, but they’re older and I’ve spent it on things they actually want and will use. Things that are more expensive than the things I would get for them at other times of the year. My daughter has been waiting patiently for her Harry Potter Pop Vinyl figures since the end of October. I tell you, knowing about the ‘man in red’ makes it so much easier for me and helps them to delay gratification (both my kids had ‘the talk’ in the gaming shop, but on different days…). So it’s not many things, but they are more expensive things! But I’m like you when it comes to presents for me – there is nothing I want!

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    1. Wow, it starts REALLY early in NZ! How annoying. It’s good that you’re spending on things the kids actually want (even if you do spend a bit more) because at least they’ll get use out of the gifts. Spending a bit less on stuff that will end up in the back of a cupboard is a bigger waste I think. Sounds like after your shopping the best Christmas present would be to sit down and put your feet up with a nice glass of wine! M


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