Don’t measure your time in pound signs

Getting back to work in the New Year isn’t fun for anyone and I, unfortunately, was one of the unlucky ones who had to work in the middle of the Christmas period.The slog over Christmas came after a particularly busy work year, with long hours spent at work, calls when I got home and little time to do much else.

And it didn’t let up over Christmas, which isn’t what you want when there’s mulled wine on offer everywhere!

As we move into 2016, I’ve come to realise something about the hours I was working last year. In the past, I would have worked overtime and look at the extra money received in my pay packet and think ‘I’m worth that’ and that it was nice to have some extra cash.

But now I can’t help thinking of that overtime differently. That money isn’t being given to me because I’m worth it, it is being given to me as compensation for the lost time I could have spent doing something that would make me happy.

I know this sounds like a subtle difference but previously I would have equated an extra hour at work as extra money that could be put towards a purchase.

Now I see it as compensation for what my job takes away from me; drinks with friends or a night out with Michelle.

When you put it like that, there isn’t enough money out there to make up for the things you miss out on because of work.

Of course we all have bills to pay and we need to work but equating our working time purely to monetary gain isn’t a good way to look at it. We should be looking at what time work takes away from us.

Time isn’t money; it’s way more valuable than that.


6 thoughts on “Don’t measure your time in pound signs

      1. No. Same job, different attitude. I really love my work but in order to do it I have to look after myself. I try to be very disciplined about my 30 hours a week! Funnily having a child helped me to balance my life more and reduce my hours and yet not having a child I would be able to work less but wouldn’t have stopped to think about it. It feels somewhat ironic!

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      2. All about the work-life balance isn’t it. Amazing what a different attitude, and having a child, can do. Think I’ll stick with the attitude change rather than the kid though! Glad to hear your life has changed in such a positive way. M


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