Motivated to do more

I thought I’d follow on from Michelle’s recent blog about how her to-do list will never be minimal as I’ve been pondering whether this applies to me. We’re both busy people and always have multiple projects on the go or look to help out others so we barely have a minute to spare. 

This bank holiday weekend we took a bit of a break from it all and spent time with friends. We had a great time and had a lovely bike ride with our mate along the canal through London on Saturday and thoroughly enjoyed a gentler pace.


We both find it hard to relax generally and conversation came round to how we’re envious of others who can relax and enjoy a slower pace of life and asked the question we always ask of ourselves – have we got it all wrong?


I have been asking myself that question a lot recently as I have started a degree that I will complete alongside working full time. I’ve found out that trying to do a three year degree in four years while working and attempting to have any kind of life is a real challenge (what a surprise eh!). It has taken away my free time and has affected the amount of things I can commit to do with Michelle and others. This all seems contrary to why I turned to minimalism in the first place, isn’t it all about having less things in the way of living a better life? How can filling this space with a major commitment like studying be a good idea when it’s stopping me spending time with people that matter to me?


I can assure you that during the last few weeks I have considered stopping studying and going back to my old life. But then I realise the bigger intention behind minimalism. Removing the excess from our lives is the first step, but as many others point out it’s what you fill that space with that really matters.


I have now got an opportunity to change career and use the skills and talents I’ve learned over the years to do my dream job. When it comes to filling the space left behind I don’t think it gets much better than that. It also follows the principle of putting myself and my happiness first, even though those late nights studying don’t feel like it at the time!


But why don’t I fill the space with something else that isn’t so time consuming and so intensive? That is another question I’ve asked myself and returns us to the original questions of why can’t I relax and am I doing something wrong?  


It’s not that I don’t like relaxing or feel I need to be busy all the time, I take on challenges and push myself because I am motivated to change my life.


This was a big realisation for me, doing things for me is a conscious move to improve myself now and the space I have in my life can be fill with my passions.


A space filled with motivation is a great place to be, even if it is busy!




3 thoughts on “Motivated to do more

  1. I think minimalism can be useful to all kinds of people. Practising it can make space in life for what you want to do instead of being focussed on maintenance, shopping or keeping up with fashion trends. I think it’s a tool not a complete life.
    If it doesn’t make enough space for what you want then something else has to go too.


    1. I think you’re right, minimalism is a tool to help you live a more fulfilled life as opposed to a way of life in itself. Definitely agree on it being useful for all kinds of people too, make space for the life you really want!

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  2. What an inspiration 🙂 It’s easy to fill our time with things that don’t make our heart and soul sing. Fortunately I had this realisation on my way home yesterday. A friend asked me to do rough runner next year (I haven’t run regularly for years). I’ve spent all week trying to think how I could build up to running 10k with obstacles. While walking home in the sunshine through green spaces yesterday it clicked…why am I trying to work out how to spend time running when I want a daily yoga practice, not a daily running practice! How you fill the minimal time we have available in our lives should be a deliberate and mindful choice (even if it does involve some less pleasant bits). C


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