A weekend in nature: who needs money?

I don’t tend to put up photo blogs but thought I’d share a lovely, money-free weekend that I had with you. 

Last weekend, we took Friday afternoon off to go to the Grand Designs show in East London’s Excel centre (it’s basically a home improvement show). 

We got free tickets (in keeping with my no spend year), but I realised this weekend that getting free tickets is not as enjoyable as being out in nature, which is free by default!

Anyway, here’s a little photo recap of a weekend in nature. 

Friday: we ended up cycling over 30 miles exploring the canals of London. Although we did go to the show at the Excel, it definitely wasn’t the highlight of the day. 

Can you spot Frank?

Someone’s home!

Thames Barrier

Saturday: another bike ride over to Victoria Park to take part in a free yoga class run by a friend who is training to be a yoga teacher. 

Sunday: another sunny day and another excuse to get out on the bike. A two-and-a-half hour bike ride around Epping Forest was followed by a long walk up to Hampstead Heath pond for my first ever wild swim. 

And up to the Heath

Who needs money when you have a sunny day, nature and your health. 


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