When boredom = buying

Spending money is an inevitability. There are things which are a necessity and then things we buy for a whole number of reasons and recently I’ve realised I buy when I’m bored. 

This used to be a default setting for me; I’d have some spare time on my lunch break and be browsing the internet and before you knew it I suddenly had found the next thing I ‘needed’ to have in my life.


Then I would research and purchase this now ‘essential’ item and in the space of a few clicks I had another thing in my life to look after or justify using. Of course this was mindless and essentially a hobby, a default reaction to any spare time I had as I worked hard and deserved it.


Recently I’ve gone back to studying part time for another degree. This has definitely filled any spare time I have had and I have enjoyed the benefits of working towards something bigger in my life as opposed to boredom browsing.


My first semester came to an end a few weeks ago and it was nice to have some time to myself to relax as I was exhausted meeting deadlines for coursework while working a full-time job.


A curious thing happened though, once the gap returned in my life and I didn’t have as much to do, I was back on the browse for things to fill my time and within minutes I was looking at bicycle components that I didn’t need or have any intention of buying!


It really shows that old habits die hard, thanks to years of default behaviour I slipped right back in without realising. It was odd to be back in my old mindset, if only for a few seconds, but it meant I realised how buying for me was a way of filling the gaps in my life.


Buying served as a distraction from ever taking on the bigger things that would really make me happier. I was unwittingly sabotaging myself, comfortable in the safety of surrounding myself with things in order to avoid a gap in my life, a gap that would prompt me to ask the big questions about what I was doing with myself.


Boredom is a great thing when it pushes you to be creative and make something positive happen but I know I’m not alone in finding that boredom equals buying which is a vicious circle. Breaking it is hard to do but it’s about challenging that way of thinking and finding a more exciting solution to filling that spare time.





6 thoughts on “When boredom = buying

  1. I used to walk around the shops in my small town during the lunch break & be annoyed that they didn’t change the stock often enough….I didn’t realise what I was doing until my aunt told me “You’ll stop doing this when you’re happy”.


  2. For me boredom = being a phone zombie, although I have recently discovered a whole host of financial drivers that are unhelpful including “it’s not real money!” I did have the thought while I was reading your article though learn to crochet 🙂 It’s my latest passion and I love that it occupies my hands so I can’t click buy it now 😉


  3. Years ago when I made lots of money I spent lots of money so working to spend…an endless cycle. Now we have very little income, and because we can’t afford to buy we’ve learned to make, and preserve, and create. It’s amazing how poor and rich you can be at the same time when you recognize the satisfaction of producing your own needs rather than purchasing them. But it takes time, especially in todays consumer driven economy. And when its 100 degrees outside and I’m feeding our pigs again I do think “wouldn’t it be a whole lot easier just to buy some chops at the freakin’ store for God’s sake?!?” I’m not perfect either.

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    1. Agree with the sentiment of being poor and rich at same time, tough cycle to get out of for sure. Impressed that you have taken such a big step to move away from consumerism, will be checking out your blog to find out more! F


  4. Worst offender speaking here.
    I have been known to be standing at a bus stop, see a bus go by with an ad on the side for a book I think I like the sound of, get out my Kindle from my bag and buy the book before my bus comes.
    When I could have been reading the last book I bought.


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