Am I still a minimalist?

Two years after becoming a ‘minimalist’ I’m asking myself a big question – am I still a minimalist?
And is there even such a thing as a minimalist or is minimalism a short term phase in our lives? 

As I go about my daily life these days there is nothing that I do which makes me think ‘I do this because/therefore I am a minimalist’.


The question above is one that won’t go away, something I’m sure I’m not alone in thinking once the initial honeymoon period of purging your stuff and ‘going minimalist’ fades.


Nothing else to throw out. No external stresses to remove or change. A life simplified.


I think minimalism is just a tool to enable you to snap out of bad habits and focus on the things that really matter (which we all know aren’t things at all). My days and spare time are filled with seeing friends or doing things with loved ones (when I’m not studying for my degree). Life if busier than ever and there isn’t room for contemplating my minimalist life.


But this could be the point that I am missing. The fact that I am doing all these things is because I have made space for them and have removed the excess so I can focus on them, by continuing to do this I am actually practising minimalism every day. The gradual change in mentality or priorities isn’t discernible on a day to day basis but this shift alone is a dramatic one for me.


Now, buying where required isn’t about filling a void, it’s about fulfilling a purpose.


Inadvertently I have found out I have what is called a ‘capsule wardrobe’ (not something I knew much about until M filled me in!), as I don’t want or need more than is required. When an item is worn or not fit for use it is replaced by something of quality that will last longer and fit multiple purposes if possible. 


So am I still a minimalist? I would say a resounding yes, and the better life I lead day to day is proof of it as opposed to showing it to be just a phase or a tool.


Minimalism isn’t about the reduction of stuff, it’s more about a shift in mindset and how you view the world and what really matters.

12 thoughts on “Am I still a minimalist?

  1. “Now, buying where required isn’t about filling a void, it’s about fulfilling a purpose.” I think this statement might need more reflection, as what a worthwhile purpose to one may not be worthwhile to another. What might be viewed as filling a void, may serve a significant purpose to someone else. I’ve appreciated reading about your journey, and will do more reflecting on voids and purpose definitions as they apply to my life.

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  2. Interesting update. As someone trained in the use of words, both in terms of precision (former lawyer) and engagement (former comms and advocacy career), I am wondering whether you might also use a more old fashioned phrase and simply say you are “living a contented life”. I.e. not a life of delirious happiness or a life without concerns, but one of sufficiency, healthy relationships and pleasure in the little everyday moments.

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  3. I was in London today for work and wondering how your degree is going. You inspired me to get round to doing the same (which I’ve been intending to do for years). I agree a significant part of minimalism is a mental adjustment. I’ve spent 6 hours editing an assignment today which previously would have been mindlessly frittered away on unimportant things. Hope life (and study) is treating you well. Cx

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    1. Totally agree with you, it’s a mental shift and once you do it you realise what is really important. Though I think we can agree that at times we’d rather not be studying into the wee hours! Still studying at this end, keep me posted on your progress and let us know next time you’re in London! F


  4. Hi,

    I interested in minimalism, but for me It’s the way that I can organize my life to spend it well. I have only one life. Can I spend it by focusing on things? So I ask myself what is my dream, my value? I decided that my value is my family, my growth. And now I should choose my value day by day. So I start learning English instead wasting of the time on TV or by shopping. So here I am. I hope that I start blogging in English soon:)


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