About us

Hello. We’re Michelle and Frank. We live in London and we’re tired. Tired of being surrounded by stuff. So we’re trying to get rid of it (sometimes unsuccessfully) and lead a more minimalist lifestyle. We hope that our journey to minimalism will be interesting to others who are also trying get more out of their lives by owning less.

We’re also on Twitter. Come and chat to us @LDNminimalists

24 thoughts on “About us

  1. Hi, I am following you with interest as I too am looking to do this. We have down sized our house, paid off most of our mortgage and in the spring next year I am going to be working part time. I have a very stressful job at the moment with a good salary and am a bit apprehensive about the drop in income but am looking forward to refocusing on the important things in life like my family and becoming a Grandparent for the first time. Good luck!!

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  2. I have invested Β£2.99 in an empty spray bottle. Add 1 cup white vinegar, 1 cup washing up liquid and fill to top with water. Agitate to mix and spray on to bathroom tiles/sink/shower tray. Brilliant! faint whiff of the chip shop which fades after a few hours … works for us

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  3. Hello,γ€€I am a Japanese minimalist and contemporary artist.
    Japanese house is very small but Artist have to have a lot of objects to make an art.
    So I try to choice and count my possessions.
    It is not too less but better than before.
    I really like your style.
    I make a interview and making a mask series.
    I will go to London 2-7th Aug 2016.
    if you have a time, Could I interview for you?


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  4. Glad I’ve have found your blog. Looks lovely so far, I will add you to my minimalist ‘gurus’ πŸ™‚ I too live in London and have grown tired of being surrounded by reminders that I need more money and more stuff. Thanks for sharing your journey towards a de-cluttered life, infused with value x


  5. Shout out here from a Minimalist in Australia. Personally, I love the lifestyle. Been at it since 2012. Lifechanging. When I travel to London on a holiday I find minimalism very adaptable as a lifestyle. Keep up the good work! Insta is minimialistaussie

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    1. Hello Nat! You’re a seasoned pro. I think you’re right that it’s adaptable. It’s easier to walk out the door and go somewhere when you don’t have to lug a bloody great big suitcase behind you! M


  6. Are you in London, England or London, elsewhere? My wife and I (and our boys) are trying to embark on achieving a more minimalist household and lifestyle. Find it hard to find enough time in one go to get through things. At the moment we have a massive pile of stuff on our dining table to “go out” but getting it to where it it needs to go is proving the challenge. Some of it is on ebay at the moment so hopefully that will go down soon. I come from a hoarder family so it is liberating, albeit tough to get rid of things – have a houseful of just-in-case stuff which makes it hard to find the few things we actually need. Be good to get in touch for some motivation.

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    1. Hello Jon, we are in London, England. Glad you are finding it liberating to get rid of the just in case stuff, that’s the first step that we enjoyed too. Getting rid of things is the last time they will take up your time and space though! Always here if you have any questions and check out our blogs and Twitter to see how we are trying our best to live a minimalist life.

      Best of luck!



    2. Hi Jon,

      We’re in London. Know what you mean about the pile of stuff. It took us a long time to whittle it all down. It definitely doesn’t happen overnight but don’t be disheartened.

      I thought we’d sell loads more than we did on ebay because we were being unrealistic about what would sell. In the end we realised a lot of it wouldn’t be worth selling – we’d get so little (if it sold at all) that it wasn’t worth the effort. We offered lots to friends and family first and then donated. M


      1. Yes our mountain of stuff is growing but we feel really bad just throwing it away. At the same time it seems to be wrong to be saying to our friends “we are cutting down our stuff to lead a more minimal but meaningful life……do you want all our cast-offs”. Selling the expensive things is good and working out. All those smaller items (<Β£30) seems to be mainly a waste of time. Some stuff goes locally via a FB group for a couple of quid but we are stuck with a "too good to throw, but to whom do we donate this to" pile. Thanks for replying and am always interested in seeing how you get on.

        I loved the library of things article you linked to on Twitter. I was wondering about such things for years. I was planning a site called "ShareStreet" where neighbours could post things they were willing to share with eachother (e.g. hedgetrimmers, ladders, or whatever). Privacy and liability issues holding that one back. Library of things seems simpler.


  7. This blog is fascinating. I’ve dreamed of cleaning out, cutting down to what I really need to live basic and simple. So far in the last 5 minutes I’ve explored several lifestyle options, entertainment options, and erased at least 10 sentences in this blog, in the process of answering my own questions of how. Thanks for the Inspiration. from a Tennessee grandmother.


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